We have mastered the art of polishing all aluminum planes far beyond any reasonable expectations. We've developed and refined our own system to enable us to offer you a show quality chrome appearance for your aircraft. From start to finish we actually utilize up to 3 different machines, 5 different applicators and 4 different products to achieve our "show quality" results. If your paint is in such a condition that you're considering repainting your plane, a polished aluminum finish may be for you. Only we can offer this transformation from beginning to end. We can actually strip your paint, polish the bare aluminum, and paint your pinstripes or graphics.
This transformation will take the worse of planes to the level of being a show quality winner. Best of all, we can provide this service to you for less expense than that of a typical paint job. This is a very time consuming, labor-intensive service. As such, our turn around time is near equivalent to that of a new paint job. Typically 3 to 6 weeks. Of course if your craft has been previously polished, it will require much less time and expense. As a side note, we also offer polishing of spinners, props, landing gear, or anything else you may desire to have polished. Contact your local distributor for more details.
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Dan Polishing Swift ER Coupe Navion Bob Polishing


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