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Early one spring morning of 1989, Richard H. Todd, Owner/Operator and Founder of Wing Waxers, began developing his concept of forming an aircraft detailing company. He purchased a 1974 Piper Cherokee PA28-140 just weeks before and realized that the paint's finish was not very appealing. It wasn't scratched and chipped or peeling anywhere, the paint just looked old, dull and faded to the point where a wipe of the hand would leave you with a white chalky residue.
He first called the local FBO's for price quotes to re-paint the aircraft. After discovering that it would cost anywhere from $6000.00 to $9000.00 for a re-paint, he knew that something would have to be done to save and rejuvenate the old paint. First thing Saturday morning, Richard flew his newly acquired Cherokee to a local pilot shop at Van Nuys Airport to find a simple way to remedy the problem. After carefully examining all of the aircraft detailing products they carried, he found the answer. A sixteen-ounce spray can of some magical formula priced at only $10.95.
The description on the can was so impressive and it seemed like such a good deal that he bought two. Come 7:00pm that evening, Richard had run out of the magical product and his Cherokee was only half done. The following Saturday he repeated the previous week's escapades to finally complete the task. He did feel that the aircraft looked much better, unfortunately two weeks and $47.41 later the elements of the Mojave Desert burned off this time consuming and fairly expensive new finish.
It was time to find a professional aircraft detailing company that knew of the best products available and how to use them. This should be fairly simple he thought, looking through the yellow pages only to find nothing listed for aircraft detailing. He then phoned the local FBO's and found that they also knew of no company performing such a service. It was at that point in time that Richard H. Todd took the initiative to put hours of research and development into forming such a company; one that would provide the best possible aircraft detailing service to accommodate the needs of the aircraft owners. He researched the best quality products on the market, the best equipment available and proceeded with the most effective marketing approaches.
He then formed the successfully escalating company of Wing Waxers and serviced over one hundred aircraft in his first year of business. Since then, Richard has received several inquiries from others interested in becoming part of this unique aviation service company. He then began to diligently work on a program to open Wing Waxers service centers across the nation. One that would be professional, profitable, and yet affordable to interested parties. This has proven to be successful and Wing Waxers now has service centers in most of the United States. The following pages will illustrate your opportunity to grow with Wing Waxers in the exciting career field of aviation.

Wing Waxers is a very unique company. We are the only company, that we know of, opening aircraft detailing companies throughout the nation. We are not a franchiser and we are not selling franchises. We are a licenser that is selling the licensed privileges of owning and operating an aircraft detailing company under the name of Wing Waxers. This means that you will be the sole proprietor of your own company. Any affiliation that you have with Wing Waxers National Headquarters will be strictly voluntary. The National Headquarters is a National distribution center for all the Wing Waxers Companies as well as independently owned companies.
We can provide you with everything necessary to own and operate an aircraft detailing company. We're also very unique in that our companies (know as sectors) typically cover a large geographic area by way of aircraft, truck or auto for a nominal travel fee. We are one of the only companies that can truly offer a detailing treatment that will last over a year. Through years of research we were able to discover the best quality products and have a formula manufactured exclusively for Wing Waxers. We offer three (3) exciting option packages that we feel will suit the needs of anyone, See page 4 for details. The National Headquarters will be your supplier, trouble shooters and answer persons, offering you full support at all times.
We have everything you will need from detailing equipment and supplies, to marketing and promotional materials. Due to our buying power, as one large company, we can make all items available to you at very significant savings. We will do our best to provide you with answers to any problems or questions that you may have. We also encourage owners to share ideas, opinions and experiences with us so as to help others. Our companies are very important to us and your success is our first priority.


Sub-Sectors: An excellent budget alternative for those who wish to be based at one or more airports in an area in which Wing Waxers currently exists. The holder of the Option # 3 Package in your area would have to agree to make your requested airport(s) available to you. You will reap the same benefits as our Option 2 & 3 Packages as well as being listed in our national advertising campaign for only $50.00 per month.

(1) Complete Inventory Package
(2) 3 Day “Detailing” Training Program
(3) Wing Waxers Trademark License
(4) Distribution Rights: (buy 30% below list)
(5) Listed: (national advertisement campaign)
(6) Exclusive Airport Rights: (by contract)
Total: $12,995.00

Perfect for those who choose to operate under the distinguished name and reputation of Wing Waxers, be named exclusively at one airport, be listed in our national advertising campaign for only $50.00 per month, and purchase products at wholesale prices for savings and retail sales. You will also be granted a 12 month “First Right of Refusal” to upgrade this package to Option # 3.

(1) Complete Inventory Package
(2) 3 Day “Detailing” Training Program
(3) Wing Waxers Trademark License
(4) Distribution Rights: (buy 30% below list)
(5) Listed: (national advertisement campaign)
(6) Exclusive Airport Rights: (by contract)
Total: $14,995.00

Designed for the full-time Aircraft Detailer that desires to reap the benefits of operating under the umbrella of the largest aircraft detailing company in the United States, own the exclusive contractual rights to a territory of over 6000 aircraft owners, and be listed in the national advertisement campaign for only $50.00 per month.

(1) Complete Inventory Package
(2) 3 Day “Detailing” Training Program
(3) Wing Waxers Trademark License
(4) Distribution Rights: (buy 30% below list)
(5) Listed: (national advertisement campaign)
(6) Exclusive Territorial Rights: (by contract)
Total: $19,995.00

Definition of Package Items 1 thru 6
(1) Each option package is equipped with the identical inventory as illustrated on page # 7. Shipping costs are included.

(2) The three-day training program will be conducted at our Big Bear City Airport FBO located in Big Bear City, California.

(3) Each of the option packages will be licensed to utilize the name and trademark of Wing Waxers.

(4) The owners of each option package will be entitled to buy all products of the Wing Waxers product line at 30% below list price, enabling them to retail these products to their client base. There will also be a savings on all other named products from 10% to 30%.

(5) Only owners of option # 2 & 3 will be listed by phone number in all national marketing display advertisements such as Trade-A-Plane, GA News & Flyer, Aero Trader and the internet, at the cost of only $50.00 per month. Holders of Option #1 packages will have a referral service by the Option # 3 holder in their area, as well as being listed on their web-page.

(6) Owners of option # 3 will be granted exclusive contractual rights to a selected area wherein no other Wing Waxers are permitted to solicit their services unless you appointed and authorized to do so.


Wing Waxers offers it’s own financing to qualified applicants of our Option #3 Package.

To Qualify: You must secure this financing by being a Visa or Master Card holder. If you qualify as credit card recipient of either of these credit cards, you have already met our approval. Your Credit Card information will be kept of file at Wing Waxers National Headquarters. You will be required to authorize Headquarters to charge your monthly finance payment to your card, until date of loan pay-off. A down payment of $5000.00 is required to secure the inventory package and your detailing & marketing training. Wing Waxers National Headquarters will finance the remaining 14,995.00 of your acquisition. Any training for our additional services will not be financed. Such fees need to be paid in full by time of training date.

Terms of Financing: As stated above, we require a down payment of $5000.00, which is due no later than your scheduled date of training. Wing Waxers National Headquarters will finance your remaining balance of $14,995.00 for a period of 5 years (60 Months) at an interest rate of 9%. Your monthly payments on this financing would be $311.27.

Purchase Price = 19,995.00
Down Payment = 5,000.00
Loan Amount = 14,995.00
Term Length = 5 Years
Interest Rate = 9%
Monthly Payment = 311.27

Payment Terms: 90 Days Pay or Quit! If your monthly payments become in excess of 90 days delinquent, you will be required to “pay or quit”. Meaning that if your financing becomes more than 90 days past due, you will be required to pay-off the entire balance of the loan to retain your licensing agreement with Wing Waxers National Headquarters.


This is probably the simplest and least expensive business you could start. We make everything as easy as possible for you. For your convenience, we accept Master Card and Visa so you could actually charge the purchase of your new business! Included in each of the three option packages, will be the best quality products money can buy from manufacturers such as Cyclo, Coleman, Craftsman, Sure Shot and Bissell. Also included will be business T-shirts, business cards, flyers and marketing materials to immediately schedule your first jobs and enough supplies to service your first ten (10) aircraft.

After the purchase of your option package we will ship to you via UPS Ground, the "Inventory Package" as previously itemized. We will then schedule an aircraft for two consecutive days of training. These will be used for your hands-on training program. We will then coordinate a travel date with you, to meet and personally train over the following three (or more) days. The first two days we will walk you through the entire detailing process with a thorough explanation of the systems and procedures. On the third day, we will discuss in detail, our marketing approaches and procedures as well as additional services you may want to incorporate into you business. Within these three days, we will share our years of trial and error, successful marketing strategies and operational techniques. By the time you leave, you will truly be an aircraft detailing professional.
Nobody will be able to do a better job. We're located at Big Bear City Airport (L35) in Big Bear City, California. 80 nautical miles east of Los Angeles. If at all possible, you may want to schedule your stay for an extra day or two. This will afford you ample opportunity to enjoy our beautiful mountain resort and national forest community. The closest airport for you to fly into would be Onterio, CA. The drive from Onterio is approximately 1.25 hours.

It is our intention to make this investment a huge success for you. We’ve already done this with several others, there’s no reason it wouldn’t work for you as well. We have the resources to offer you. However, ultimately you will be the determining factor in just how successful your company becomes. Success will simply be determined by what you put into it.
You will have been trained to bring out the best possible appearance of an aircraft and give its finish the best protection available. You will also be given business leads that will immediately initiate inquiry calls. Within your first year, you will establish a client base. As time progresses and you build your client base, everything will start falling into place. After your first year in business you will start booking repeat customers and you will find that your client base will expand significantly. This will of course, all depend on how well you perform and how you interface with your potential clients. We'll get you off to a good start and always be available for consultation but keep in mind that you will be operating your own business and will be solely responsible for its outcome. You will get back exactly what you put into it. We can also offer you additional services such as “Show Quality Aluminum Polishing” and “Paint Touch-Up & Repair” to further enhance your area of expertise. The National Headquarters will continuously be working with all of its companies on new marketing concepts and different services to offer our clients. There will be a $50.00 monthly contribution fee payable to the National Headquarters to afford such interests as our national advertisement campaign and Web-Site. Our national advertisement campaign is one of the most beneficial assets to becoming part of Wing Waxers rather than freelancing. If you look at the costs of advertising in your local publications, you will find that $50.00 will not go far. When that same monthly figure is multiplied ten, twenty, or thirty times, you will find it to be a very generous advertisement budget. One that will afford us considerable advertisement space in well-known national publications. This is exactly why we see so many company’s fail, lack of advertising due to its expense. You will also have the benefit of being part of a very well know and well respected company that was founded in 1989. In this time, we have literally serviced tens of thousands of aircraft throughout the U.S. It’s our intention to stay far ahead of any potential competitors. An internet presence, our national display ads, and cutting edge technology of additional services will do just that! We strongly believe that no “detailing company” or “product manufacture” can offer a better-finished result than us. We’ve been in the aircraft detailing business for the past 15 years and we’re here to stay!

(Included in each of the three option Packages)
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
Cyclo 115v Polisher
Coleman 1850w Generator
Bissell Extraction Cleaner
50' Extension Cord
100' Extension Cord
Snap-On Creeper
Snap-On Seat Creeper
Sure Shot Sprayer
$ 315.00
$ 475.00
$ 99.00
$ 10.00
$ 15.00
$ 97.00
$ 58.00
$ 75.00
12 ea
12 ea
2 ea
2 ea
20 ea
2 ea
2 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
1 ea
2 ea
6 ea

Green Velcro De-Ox Bonnets
White Velcro PTFE Bonnets
Wool Velcro Bonnets
Rubber Velcro Pad Holder
Costco Hand Towels
Large Wash Sponges
Bug-Off Sponges
W/W Degrease, 1 gal.
W/W PTFE, 1 gal.
W/W De-Ox, 1 gal.
W/W Protectant, 1 gal.
Plexus Plastic Polish, 8 oz.
Rolite, 2.0 oz.
Vinyl Gloves, 100 ct.
Bristle Cleaning Brush
Flip-Top Dispensers, 16 oz.

$ 47.16
$ 47.16
$ 8.82
$ 10.50
$ 10.00
$ 9.00
$ 3.66
$ 39.00
$ 89.70
$ 45.25
$ 27.00
$ 8.95
$ 9.00
$ 14.00
$ 5.98
$ 13.50
250 ea
50 ea
1 set
5 ea
2 ea
Full Color Business Cards
Promotional Post Cards
High Quality "Full Color" Flyers
Computerized Mailing Labels
W/W T-shirts
W/W Magnetic Vehicle Sign
$ 50.00
$ 300.00
$ 100.00
$ 50.00
$ 75.00
$ 200.00

Sub Total
Sales Tax *
Grand Total
$ 163.35
*Sales Tax only applies to residents of California. Products listed are based on vendor availability. Substitutions of equal or greater value may be made without notification. This page is for illustration purpose only. No portion or replacements are refundable from the full purchase price of the option package. This page simply illustrates the retail value of the inventory included in the package.


Our Sealant: The acronym PTFE comes from the scientific word "Polytetrafluoroethlene." It is a thermal plastic resin that is inert to nearly all chemicals as well as acid rains, bug-splash and high ultra violet or high pollutant areas. It is recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as being the "slipperiest substance known to man." It is very simple to apply and just as easy to buff out, whether working by hand or using an orbital polisher.

Rather than leaving a hard crusty residue common to a wax or polish, our PTFE will set with just a light haze that can be removed with the wipe of a towel. In the hot desert sun of the Mojave, you can expect our finish to last well over a year. Wing Waxers PTFE Sealant is to be used only on a clean, dry, deoxidized, wax free surface for best results and maximum adhesion.

Our De-Ox Cleaner: Deoxidizing an aircraft surface prior to using our PTFE Sealant is an essential element of successfully rejuvenating an old tarnished or oxidized finish. Our De-Ox Cleaner is a "paint safe" non-abrasive formula that will not risk removing paint from rivet heads or lap seams. It will however do an outstanding job of removing such stains as fuel, oil, burned exhaust, acid rains, bug-splash and pollution, as well as old wax build-up. After the use of our De-Ox Cleaner the aircraft will have a high lustrous shine. Don't let this lead you to believe that nothing more is required, you have simply removed the oxidation which looks great but offers no protection from the elements that put it in its previous condition. To retain and enhance this appearance, sealing is required.

Our Belly Sealant: A one-step blend of our De-Ox Cleaner and our PTFE Sealant. This product will offer 12 months of protection on all "under" surfaces. Being that it is a mixture of the two products, a thinner layer of PTFE will actually cure to the surface. This being the case, it should not be used on surfaces exposed to UV rays. When used on top surfaces that are exposed to UV, you can expect the finish to last approximately 6 months.

Our Degrease Cleaner: This biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable product has many uses. Unlike degreasing solvents, our Degrease Cleaner also works excellent at removing bugs from cowlings and leading edges as well as bird droppings from upper surfaces. It's very effective at removing exhaust stains and it makes an outstanding aircraft wash when diluted with water. Two ounces of Degrease Cleaner per one gallon of water is recommended.

Our Protectant: This product serves well for the finishing touch of the aircraft. It works very well at bringing out the black rich luster of tires, de-ice boots and rubber trim. Besides the attractive and finished appearance it gives the aircraft, it also lubricates the rubber that greatly decreases the dry-rot of rubber. Its uses don't stop there, this product also works very well on the plastic of instrument panels, the vinyl of seats and dashboards and leather upholstery.

Aircraft owners count provided by 5/1/2001 FAA data
Hot Air Balloons have been excluded from the FAA's original count.

District of Columbia



New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Entire U.S.A




Throughout the years we've all seen business investment opportunities staring us right in the face. You may have been afraid to make a move on them due to the financial risk factors. You may have even noticed at a later date that someone else had acted on what you thought could be a large risk, and not only made it work, but became very successful at it. We feel that our research has taken the risk factors out of the picture for you. The only real risk is whether you are willing to give 100% of yourself to your investment. Remember the old clichés "nothing good comes easy" and "it takes money to make money." Your success is very important to us and we intend to make it our first priority above all else. Each company will compliment the other. The better each individual company does, the better we can all expect to do; sort of a state-to-state word of mouth. We want our services offered to aircraft owners throughout the nation, leaving no open spaces.
We believe strongly in that without the support, backing and marketing expertise of the National Headquarters, you will see several people make a failed attempt at owning an aircraft detailing company. We've seen several people go into the business, and out of the business within a year. It is a very difficult business venture to go into unless you have either a very large capital or the assistance that the National Headquarters will provide to you. We've already tried it; we've already done it.
We've had successes and we've had failures. We know from our experiences what it will take to make it work for you. We've taken a very realistic view of how many aircraft are required "per sector" to enable it's owner to make a substantial living. We've also taken a very realistic view on how many sectors are required to service the nation. Since there will only be approximately forty exclusive sectors, it is to your advantage to get in now. This opportunity won't always be available! A Wing Waxers Sector will open in your area soon. Act now; don't feel the regret of knowing that it could have been yours.

It took me nearly forty years to become the person I have always wanted to be! As a young child born in South Chicago, I could frequently be found at Lansing Airport watching the many Piper Cubs coming and going. By the time I was nine years old I had a dream of becoming a pilot and flying for a living. Of course I never had a clue as to flying in what capacity, I guess just leisurely flying around and getting paid a great deal of money for it was good enough at the time for this dream.
Next thing I knew, I was well into my thirties and caught up in the corporate world trying to survive the lay-off, restructuring, downsizing gamut. Then one Sunday, I was sitting outside on the deck of my Southern California mountain home working on one of my employee’s performance reviews, and I remembered my dream as a private plane flew overhead. At that point I felt that if I didn't act soon, life would just pass me by, never having fulfilled my life long dream of becoming a pilot. I ran downstairs, got on the phone and dove in headfirst. By 4:00 that Sunday afternoon I took to the air in a Cessna 152...I was hooked! A year later Wing Waxers was born. The most satisfying move I've ever made and now I'm here to share it with you. I started the business as a part-time venture and nine months later, after discovering I made more money on weekends than I made all week at the job, I went full-time never having a single regret. I was a bit concerned about this due to all the rumors I heard about small businesses failing throughout the nation. Then my wife showed me a June issue of Working Woman. They reported a new study commissioned by American Express Small Business Services and the National Federation of Independent Businesses; they claimed home based businesses had a success rate of 77%. In 1992, home based businesses accounted for 60 billion dollars of the U.S. economy. Besides that, home-based businesses combined, averaged $27,500 annually while the average wage earner's salary was only $24,600. In essence, small businesses have grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. The fact is that our services are needed at every airport in the United States and there is very little, if any, competition. Plain and simple, our program works. With the training, marketing and support of the National Headquarters, I believe that you too will be very successful. It’s not at all impossible for this business to produce a 6 figure income, of course don’t expect that in your first year. If you have a love for aviation, a desire to be self-employed and enjoy each day becoming a new adventure, give us a call. We'll immediately start working with you to get your business up and running. In just two short weeks after your training program, you can expect to be servicing your first aircraft. It works!

Richard H. Todd,

Throughout our 15 years in the aviation service industry, we’ve continuously strived to stay on the cutting edge, far ahead of the pack of “would be” competitors in our field. We truly are the authority of the services we provide. No other companies that offer such services are better educated, or offer more experience than Wing Waxers. In fact, we know of no other companies that can even offer such a broad range of services.

You’ll also notice that our additional services are very complimentary of each other, wherein one service sells the other. An example of this would be a customer that has you detail his plane. You may notice some mild surface corrosion blistering under the paint. You can then advise that you can repair the corroded area and touch up the paint as well. You would also want to advise the customer of your T-9 Boeshield internal fogging, corrosion-treatment. This senaro actually happens on a daily basis. We have therefore mastered such additional service and make the training available to you as well.

Show Quality Aluminum Polishing: Add this highly refined service to your existing detailing service to broaden opportunities. In this workshop we’ll teach you how to strip paint and polish the bare aluminum to a show quality chrome finish. Absolutely nobody can perform a better-finished result than what we have developed.
This One-Day workshop is conducted at the National Headquarters in Big Bear City, California on a one-on-one basis. The fee to attend this workshop is $750.00. The equipment package for this service will be approximately, an additional $650.00. You should be able to earn more than your investment on your very first job. Big Money for a small investment!

Paint Touch-Up & Repair: This service is a gold mine in itself! A chip, peel, scratch, ding or dent and mild surface corrosion are a thing of the past. We'll no longer have to live with it. It’s absolutely amazing what we can do to a paint repair. The repair itself is virtually undetectable, leaving no over spray or orange peel whatsoever. This is a 4-day workshop and the fee to attend is $2500.00. You will come out of training with the ability and confidence to repair minor hanger rash, or repaint an entire aircraft. In fact if you train for the Aluminum Polishing and Paint Touch-Up & Repairs, you would have the ability to offer our Signature Series of Paint/Polish schemes to your client base. The Signature Series transformation picture here, illustraites just how far you can take out services. This particular job was completed at the National Headquarters within 5 weeks and billed out at $12.5k.
Internal Corrosion Treatments: Another fine service offered by Wing Waxers is our Boeshield T-9 Internal Corrosion Treatment. If you plan to offer Paint Touch-Up and Repairs as part of your services, our corrosion treatment service coincides perfectly and sells itself. This is also a one day workshop priced at $750.00. The equipment required for this service will cost an additional $750.00. T-9 Boeshield is an outstanding product that was developed by the Boeing Corporation exclusively for aircraft use. We highly prefer this product to well known competitors products due to the mess they make. We’re in the business of making aircraft look their best. Any product that contradicts our mission, is simply unacceptable for use by Wing Waxers!

Should you choose to attend training for all services (including detailing) consecutively, you will be entitled to a $500.00 discount. You will also need to plan to attend 9 consecutive days in training.


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