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Whether your interest is in offering additional services from your existing FBO, or becoming self employed and starting your own aviation business, our training programs will provide you with the skills, techniques & confidence needed to provide your customers with the highest quality of workmanship of the services listed below. After your training you will have the same knowledge that took us 24 years to attain. Rather than learning through several years of self-taught trial & error, you will go directly into the tricks of the trades. All of our training is performed on a personalized one-on-one basis. You will be training in a "hands-on" capacity with your personal instructor. This is not a group training program. You and your instructor will be the only persons present, unless you choose to be accompanied by your spouse, partner, business associate or interpreter. If you're hearing impaired, a sign language interpreter can be provided upon request.

Throughout our 24 years in the aviation detailing services industry, we've continuously strived to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technological advances in this field. We're truly the industries leading authority of the services in which we provide such training for. No other companies that offer such training are better skilled in this field, or have had more hands-on experience than Wing Waxers. In fact, we know of no other companies that can even offer such a broad range of aviation detailing services training.

These courses are a business investment, just as your tools and equipment are. The work you perform can only be as good as your tools, equipment and skill-level. You might be able to get by with lower quality tools & equipment that can later be upgraded, but the quality of your work is of the absolute highest priority. Without the proper training, you cannot expect to provide a high quality of workmanship. We're well established and have earned national respect throughout the aviation community since 1989. We offer the absolute most effective training available, and after your training you will receive a certificate of completion for each course attended.

Course Duration 24 hours / 3-Days @ $2250.00
This workshop will walk you through the entire step-by-step procedure of detailing an aircraft from start to finish. Everything that can be done to detail the aircraft, will be done. You will be thoroughly trained in Interior & Exterior Aircraft detailing. You will utilize all of the best quality products available on the market today. We're consistently researching such products and making our findings available to you on an ongoing basis. The workshop is broken down into itemized and highly detailed tasks. Two full days of training will be conducted in a hands-on capacity in which you will fully detail a "loaner plane". Of the 3-days in training, a total of 8 hours will be held in a classroom setting. We'll first brief you as to our detailing process prior to working on the aircraft. We'll then return to classroom after hands-on training is complete, to confirm your comprehension of the entire detailing process. We'll also utilize this time to elaborate on why our system is the best and most effective detailing system available.

Course Duration 32 hours / 4-Days @ $3000.00
As with all of our services, we have perfected the art of Paint Touch-Up and Repairs to offer customers a virtually undetectable finished product. This course teaches you how to provide the best quality repairs achievable. You'll learn in a hands-on capacity to actually blend new paint to old without leaving the surrounding areas affected with hard lines or over-spray. This course will offer you comprehensive training that will enable you to repair dents, dings, and chips of leading edges, repaint landing gear, repair and repaint corrosion areas, correct previous poor quality repairs, change the colors and/or design of stripes, change or repaint U.S. registration N-numbers, or strip & repaint an entire aircraft. All of our past attendees of this training have advanced to become true professionals in the industry.

Course Duration 8 hours / 1-Days @ $750.00
It is well known that internal aircraft corrosion can literally render an aircraft worthless and therefore such repairs require immediate attention. In this course you will internally fog an aircraft with Boeshield T-9 Internal Corrosion Inhibiting Treatment. If you plan to offer Paint Touch-Up and Repairs as part of your services, our corrosion treatment service coincides perfectly and sells itself. T-9 Boeshield is an outstanding product that was developed by the Boeing Corporation exclusively for aircraft use. We highly prefer this product to well known competitors products due to it's superior longevity, durability & cleanliness.

Course Duration 8 hours / 1-Day @ $750.00
Add this highly refined service to your existing detailing service to broaden opportunities. In this workshop we'll teach you how to strip paint and polish the bare aluminum to a show quality finish. Absolutely nobody can perform a better-finished result than what we have developed. Learn to take aluminum from its roughest form of being previously sanded and painted, to achieving a show quality "close to chrome" appearance. The knowledge obtained from this training will enable you to polish parts of a plane, or strip the paint and aluminum polish the entire aircraft. This is a service in which proper training is an absolute necessity. We can't stress enough, that without proper training, you can cause severe structural damage to an aircraft. We've actually viewed a video on-line that shows you an aluminum polishing procedure that will literally destroy a general aviation airplane. Meaning that the damage done by following their procedure would be cost prohibitive of repairs.

For your convenience all training is scheduled on an "as needed" basis. We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule and offer training throughout entire weekends as well. We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Money Orders and Personal or Corporate Checks as forms of payment.

If for any reason you feel the need for further training after attending your courses, we offer such training at no charge for up to a 12-month period from your original training date. To date no attendees have requested such continued training, but it is available to you at your discretion.

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